We Operate a Globally Diversified Portfolio in The Rapidly Growing Mobility Market
Buggy TLC

Founded in Brooklyn in 2014, Buggy TLC offers one of the newest fleets of licensed ride-hailing cars to Uber and Lyft drivers in the NYC TLC arena. With more than 2,000 professionally managed cars— including a fleet of WheelChair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)—Buggy has been a flagship of VGM’s vehicle asset provider portfolio and has been profitable since founding.

FastTrack TLC

Acquired by VGM in 2021, FastTrack TLC is one of top 5 vehicle providers for Uber and Lyft drivers in NYC. Its original fleet of licensed ride-hailing cars that focused on Camry’s has been complemented by new vehicle models. Fast Track’s operational hub is located in Long Island City, expanding VGM’s premiere fleet into another borough of NYC.

Mi Nave (Mexico)

In 2019 VGM ventured beyond the US for the first time to break into the world’s second largest ride-hailing market, Mexico City. Leveraging relationships with Uber and local rideshare player DiDi, VGM created (ACQUIRED? CREATED?) Mi Nave. The company applied the principles learned in the US as well as its first Lease-To-Own program and quickly realized consistent growth in weekly subscriptions in the capital and expansion into three additional cities.

Founded in late 2019, Mi Nave is located in Mexico City, the second largest ride-hailing market in the world. Through leveraging Voyager Global Mobility’s relationships with DiDi and Uber, Mi Nave has grown rapidly.   Mexico City and has expanded into three additional cities in Mexico. Experiencing a consistent growth in weekly subscriptions and the launch of a Lease-To-Own program, Mi Nave continues to expand its footprint in Mexico.

FleetIT is a proprietary software company that has streamlined and digitized toll, ticket, and violations management as well as other driver costs

 It seamlessly connects to off the shelf Fleet Management CRMs and provides helpful data analytics to Fleet Managers to increase their own profitability and reduce risk. Voyager Global Mobility utilizes this software as well as selling it to peers in the Fleet Management industry.

VGM’s most recent acquisition in its global expansion is PreStarte

the largest rideshare vehicle provider in Costa Rica. With a green vision in mind and with the assistance of VGM’s capital and expertise, PreStarte is on course to be the largest EV and LP fleet of rideshare vehicles in Latin America.

One of the acquisitions that VGM has recently made is that of Wrench Doc

a full service mechanic shop brand that has experience in servicing rideshare fleets. VGM is currently working to synergize this mechanical network to service active customers as well as retail and fleet partners. Utilizing an in-house network of mechanics serves to increase the life of vehicle assets, streamline maintenance data, and provide further channels of revenue.

VGM-Municipal Fleets

Launched in 2021, in partnership with the leading mobility software companies, VGM provides contracted drivers and professionally managed fleet operations to municipalities across the United States. These programs augment local transit capacity and fill niches within the wider on-demand transit market. As the vehicle asset provider  VGM is proud to support such programs such as access-a-ride.

VGM National Ridesharing

With the success of the Buggy brand in New York City and the consolidation of Fast Track, Voyager Global Mobility has expanded its direct-to-consumer rideshare vehicle asset subscription model to cities across the US. Since the successful first expansion in 2022 to Miami VGM has looked to expand its subscription model across North America, including the acquisition of UCars. VGM currently operates in such cities as Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Boston, and Las Vegas.

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